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Churches & Mosques

Stroll the streets of the city and light a candle in its churches. Agios Georgios the Cryonerite, the old Metropolis, the Metropolitan Church of Taxiarches stand out. The ecclesiastical museum and the Sarakatsan museum are worth a visit, while the mosques of the city bear witness to its Ottoman past.

Serres Motorway

Just outside Serres, south-west of the town of Serres, between the Omonia Sports Park, is the largest Formula 3 circuit in Greece, covering 1,000 acres. The track was built in 1998. It has been built according to the technical safety standards up to Formula 3 level. It is the largest in the Balkans, with a length of 3,186 metres and a width of 12-15 metres.

Excursions in nature

Boating, pelican and flamingo watching, cycling, horseback riding and 4x4 rides.

Treatment & rejuvenation in thermal baths

The famous Sidirokastro Baths with a lot of people visiting them for treatment or rejuvenation. A breath away from the Greek-Bulgarian border is Agistro, which also has thermal baths. A wonderful rejuvenation trip that combines good food, accommodation and treatment! In Agistro, the northernmost village of Serres, you will find a Byzantine hammam dating back to 950 AD and considered the oldest in Greece. It is said that the local Bey and his harem used these baths during the Ottoman period. The waters of the springs of Agistro reach 40.5°C and are ideal for those seeking wellness. But they are also suitable for those who wish to treat a range of ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis and myalgia.

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Acropolis of Serres

The Acropolis called Koulas. Tour the ruins of the Byzantine castle and the Tower of Orestes, the church of Agios Nikolaos, the small forest and then east of the Acropolis the valley of Agioi Anargyroi.

Archaeological Museum of Serres

Liberty Square with Bezestini, the old market that today houses the archaeological museum of the city, the town hall, the beautiful pedestrian streets full of people and life, the neoclassical buildings, but also the well-kept cafes and taverns.

Mound of Kasta & Amphipolis Museum

Amphipolis, a magnificent ancient Macedonian city at the mouth of the river Strymon. Is Alexander the Great buried here? The archaeological discovery of the Kasta tumulus shocked the Greek public. Sphinxes and Caryatids, hidden burial chambers, mystery, disasters and elaborate mosaics. Already from the beginning of the 20th century the Discovery of the Lion of Amphipolis of a majestic statue testified that something important, Royal size, There was in the area...! Perhaps the fact that the lion has no tongue suggests that we may never know the real truth...! In the Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis will see a wealth of exhibits and soon will become visitable and the Macedonian Mound on the Hill Kasta.

Lake Kerkini

One of the most important wetlands in Europe. Rare migratory birds, buffaloes and rich nature create an unforgettable experience for the visitor. New Petritsi at the foot of Belles. Byronia with the Aquarium. Akritochori with the Holy hermitage of Timios Prodromos. A place where the mundane is connected to the celestial. Poroia to Kilkis. The settlement of Kerkini. Lithotopos next to the dam of the lake. Unique view and fresh fish from the lake, a cinematic landscape that was the setting for Theodore Angelopoulos' Trilogy.

Cave of Alistrati

In the gorge of the river Aggitis is the cave of Alistrati. Impressive 15 meter Stalactites in a variety of colors and shapes. A wonder of nature with 3 km long galleries and unexplored chambers.

Lailia Ski Centre

On the north side of Ali Mpampa, in a forest of beech and pine trees, is the ski centre of Lailia. Despite its relatively medium altitude, its north-facing orientation helps it to hold snow for many months, so its season is long. It has an illuminated piste, suitable for night skiing. The view through the beech and fir forest is unique. In the ski resort there is a chalet with a restaurant, a refreshment room and dormitories, learning schools.

Monastery of Timios Prodromos of Serres

The Monastery of Timios Prodromos of Serres was built in 1270 and is a monument of amazing beauty of Byzantine art.

Sidirokastro Baths

Iron City was once called Demir Isar and Valovista. It offers an authentic Macedonian environment, the ruins of a castle built by Basil the Voulgarodon, the beautiful monastery of Agios Kirykos and Ioulitis and the famous Sidirokastro Baths with many people visiting them for treatment or rejuvenation.

Fort Rupel

And finally the fortress of Rupel, part of Metaxas' defensive line. A monument of war conflicts that reminds us of the troubled past of the beautiful Macedonian land. It is the largest of the 21 forts of the "Metaxas Line" on the Greek-Bulgarian border. It is bound by the strategic passage of the homonymous straits of the Struma and therefore was hammered from land and air with ferocity by the German invaders. Access is easy via an asphalt road, which starts from the vertical axis of the Egnatia Highway Promahonas - Thessaloniki, about 7 km after the bridge of Struma (N.Petritsiou). In the fortress, which functions as a historical monument open to visitors, you can visit its labyrinthine underground tunnels (their length reaches 4.251 m) and the organized museum with exhibits (armament, uniforms, flags, photographs, etc.) and the "Sound and Light" system with an audiovisual reconstruction of the battle.

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Serraic bugatsa

Try the famous Serraiki bougatsa, with cream or cheese, with spinach or minced meat...!

Local Tastes of Serres

In Serres, the love for good food and especially for meat can be seen everywhere. Among the local delicacies that are worth trying are the souvlaki, the joumagia sausage and the buffalo soutzoukakia.

Akanes Laylia

Try the famous Akane Lailia made by the Roubou family. Secret recipe based on buffalo butter and LUCUMI flavor.

Coffee or food in Koulas

Coffee or lunch at Cityzen, which is decorated at Christmas and transports you to a fairytale setting.

Buffalo in the shell

In the villages around the lake you will experience the authenticity of the Serra land. Guesthouses, taverns with fresh meat and vegetables and the speciality Buffalo in the casserole.


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